Adding Beet Juice to Shampoo

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Beets provide the body with antioxidant benefits, but this vegetable also contains natural food pigments that make a good hair dye. When you extract the juice from this root vegetable, you can add it to your shampoo for a temporary hair coloring. Depending on your natural hair color, beet juice can give your hair a reddish or purple hue. You can darken the color by regularly washing your hair with a beet juice and shampoo mixture. Since you are using the beet juice as a shampoo additive instead of as a dye treatment or rinse, the tint only lasts from shampoo to shampoo.

Pull on a pair of plastic or rubber gloves. Beet pigment can stain your skin. If you do get stains on your skin, use lemon juice to remove it.

Place the beets on a cutting board. Trim away the stems with a sharp knife. Cut away any stringy root tips.

Chop large beets into pieces. Put the pieces in a blender or a food processor. Blend the beet to extract the juice. For a bolder color, add more beets.

Put a large measuring cup in a sink. Position a strainer on top of the bowl. Carefully pour the beet juice into the measuring cup.

Open the shampoo bottle. Pour off enough shampoo to make room for the beet juice.

Poke a funnel into the shampoo bottle. Tilt the measuring cup, pouring the beet juice into the shampoo. Screw the lid on the shampoo bottle.

Take the shampoo bottle to the shower. Shake it to mix the shampoo and beet juice together. Test the mixture on a small section of hair. You may have to adjust the color by adding shampoo back for a lighter color, or more beet juice for a darker color. Leave the shampoo dye on your hair for 15 minutes to let the color set. For more intense color, let the shampoo dye set longer.