Mohawk for Girls With Long Hair

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Mohawks can be fun and edgy, but they're usually worn by people with short hair. Creating a mohawk -- or a "faux-hawk" -- with long hair is not only possible, but it can also be perfectly fashion forward and can instantly make any look more fun. Turning your long locks into a cool mohawk only requires a few easy steps.

Simple Faux-Hawk

Start by making sure that your hair is straight and shiny. If your hair is already straight, feel free to skip this step. If you'd like to make your tresses a bit more sleek, grab your blow-dryer and round brush and blow out your hair, making sure to brush your hair back as you dry to create volume at the crown of the head. Squeeze a small dollop of hair serum into your palms. Rub them together and apply the serum to your hair.

Take two sections of your hair, directly above the ears and pull them back. Tie these pulled-back sections together with your hair tie, leaving the hair at the crown of the head free, and hanging over the ponytail. The idea is to have the tied-back section of your hair hidden under the hair at the crown of your head.

Give yourself some added volume by using your curling iron to add waves. This step is optional, so if you like your hair in a pin-straight mohawk, skip the curls. Otherwise, loosely wind sections of hair around a two-inch curling iron, holding each section in place for about 30 seconds. Make sure not to clamp your iron over your hair. This is what will create waves instead of curls. Finish with a spritz of hairspray.

Mohawk Ponytail

Create a bit of a different look if you're going for a vibe that's edgy and girly. Start by applying a volumizing product to damp hair, incorporating from root to tip. Blow-dry with a round brush, making sure to brush your hair back just as you did with the traditional mohawk style.

Section off the hair at the crown of your head using a fine-tooth comb. You'll want to section off the hair from about the corners of your eyes to the back of the crown of your head. Using a flat-bristle brush, brush the non-sectioned hair back into a ponytail. Tease the hair at the crown of your head using your fine-tooth comb.

Spritz the teased section with hairspray, and using your brush, gently brush the teased section back. Secure this section in place right above your ponytail using a few bobby pins