What Looks Cute With Nude Shoes?

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Nude shoes are a wear-anywhere classic that can flatter any body type. Opting for shoes in a shade close to your skin elongates the legs, making you look taller, whether you opt for a delicate pointed-toe flat or a high heel. You'll find nudes in a variety of shades and styles, from palest ivory stilettos to mocha colored sandals. If the style fits, you can wear nude shoes with any color in your wardrobe.

Relaxed and Casual

While many nude pumps are a bit too dressed up for a busy Saturday or a casual office, many nude flats, sandals and wedges pair well with jeans, shorts or basic cotton skirts. If you've opted for a heeled sandal or wedge, skip the strappy styles or patent leather in favor of a more casual matte finish and chunkier heel. A nude wedge will dress up your shorts for a more polished look. Since your shoe doesn't add color to your outfit, you can pair it with neutrals, bright hues or patterns for a cute and casual look.

Office Wear

A traditional nude pump is ideal for most conservative offices, while more playful styles -- like a nude peep-toe or pump with buckles and detailing -- are a great choice for a more creative workplace. Keep the heels office-appropriate, erring on the low side if you're concerned a shoe might be too sexy for work. Pair your nude pumps with a colorful blouse, use them to update a classic suit or, if you're in a creative field, take advantage of their neutrality to wear patterns, like animal prints or florals.

Formal Occasions

Nude pumps are an easy option for dressier events, whether you're aiming for sweet or seductive. Pair nude pumps or sandals with sundresses for summertime weddings or wear them with skinny jeans or a miniskirt for a night at a club. If you are feeling bored with your little black dress, add nude pumps to change the look for spring or summer. If you love color -- but your budget doesn't love all those trips to the shoe store -- nudes will pair as well with bright red as they do with pale pink.

What Not to Wear

Nude shoes are a user-friendly choice with most outfits, but you should keep a few simple guidelines in mind. Wear your nudes with bare legs or skin-toned hosiery, rather than opaque tights. Don't put your nudes away after Labor Day! You can wear nude shoes in the fall and winter, whether you're dressed up for the evening or need flats to pair with jeans on the weekend.