Homemade Fairy Halloween Costumes for Teens

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Fairy costumes are a popular choice for teen girls, but you don't need to spend $50 to $100 to buy a fancy outfit from a costume shop. You can easily create fairy costumes using basic craft supplies and items your teen already has in her closet. Your teen can either be a traditional fairy or opt to make a costume that will stand out in a crowd.

Traditional Fairy

A basic fairy costume requires a short pastel party dress with shimmery accents, wings, matching ballet flats and some glittery makeup or face paint. If you want to make your own fairy wings, shape craft wire into a 10-foot-long circle and duct tape the ends together. Bend the circle into a figure-eight shape. Bend each side into a wing shape. Cut the legs off a pair of panty hose and stretch one leg over each wing, knotting in the middle. Decorate with glitter glue and sequins. Add elastic loops on the wings for armholes.

Tinker Bell

Tinker Bell costumes aren't just for little girls. A teen can be a sweet and sassy Tinker Bell by pairing a light green tank top with a skirt made from strips of green and ivory tulle tied along a length of elastic cord. Add white fairy wings. Pull her hair up into a high bun tied with a single strip of satin ribbon. Finish off the look with glittery eyeshadow and a dusting of shimmery body powder.

Rebel Fairy

A teen who loves a more Gothic look can create a rebel fairy costume by dressing in black with red, purple or hot pink accents. Add black fairy wings. Accessorize with fishnet stockings and black knee high boots. Have your teen wear lots of dark eyeliner and bold lipstick. Buy spray-on hair color to add a few colorful streaks into her normal hairstyle. Use fake piercings to give this costume extra attitude.

Autumn Forest Fairy

An autumn forest fairy costume is a wise choice for a teen who is concerned about maintaining a modest appearance. Use an old wedding dress with a floor-length skirt as the base. Sew layers of silk leaves all around the skirt. Attach cream-colored fairy wings to a brown cardigan to keep the arms covered while providing warmth on a chilly night. Use rollers to add soft waves to your teen's hair and choose natural-looking earth tones for her makeup.