10-Year Anniversary Gifts for Men

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It's an impressive accomplishment to reach your 10th anniversary, and whether you're celebrating 10 years of marriage or a decade of being together as a couple, the right gift for your man can show that you know him better than anyone. Start planning well in advance of your anniversary to avoid scrambling for a last-minute gift. Depending on your man's interests, your anniversary gift can be a traditional or sentimental present or an exciting product.

Traditional Ideas

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The traditional 10th anniversary gift is an item made of tin or aluminum, but that doesn't mean you have to buy him some roofing for his backyard tool shed. If you want to splurge, a vacation in Mexico during which you purchase souvenirs made of tin is ideal. For those on a budget, an aluminum tin of his favorite snack, such as beer nuts or popcorn, can boost his enjoyment of movie night at home. Another approach is to wrap any gift in aluminum foil as a lighthearted take on the traditional gift.

Diamond-Themed Gifts

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Diamond jewelry is a modern spin on the idea of buying a gift that directly relates to your anniversary year. This option, however, is only suitable if your man enjoys jewelry. The diamond item doesn't have to be flashy; a tie clip, pair of cuff links or a pendant with a tiny sliver of diamond are ideal if your man doesn't like "bling" or you're on a budget. To play on the idea of something clear and shiny, other items include a set of engraved beer steins or a high-definition TV. For the latter, point out that the screen's image sparkles like a diamond.

Travel and Home Gifts

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The gift for your anniversary doesn't have to be typical; think of what your man would really enjoy and strive to buy him the present that will put a smile on his face. If he enjoys traveling, plan a surprise camping trip or road trip to a new city to watch his favorite professional sports team. For the man who enjoys lounging in the backyard or basement, a state-of-the-art barbecue, a hot tub or a pool table are all ideal.

Pampering Gifts

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Your 10th anniversary is an opportunity to spend some meaningful time together, and putting the money you'd otherwise spend on a gift toward a day of pampering is effective. Plan a day full of massages and yoga, dining at fine restaurants and soaking in a Nordic bath. Or, hire two massage therapists to visit your home for a couples' massage, and have a chef work some magic in your kitchen to prepare a gourmet meal while you relax.