10 Top Destination Weddings

Destination weddings have become increasingly popular in recent years as brides and grooms seek to make their wedding fantasies come true. The majority of destination weddings take place in warm, tropical climates often against a beach or seaside setting. Howeve,r there are lots of great destinations where the couple can not only say "I do," but enjoy their honeymoon while guests make the trip into a vacation. While a destination wedding can take place anywhere in the world, there are some locations that are far more popular than others for a variety of reasons.


Hawaii is a tropical oasis where things are simple to understand as everything is in the same U.S. currency. Hawaiians speak English, and all of the main islands offer unique terrains, so no matter what you're looking for (party life, jungle terrain, volcanos, waterfalls, surfing, local culture), you'll be able to find it. Hawaii is a popular place for weddings because it's stunning and a great vacation/honeymoon destination. There are packages and options for all price ranges and couples' styles.


Cancun, Mexico, is a hot spot for young couples to get married, as it's a true party central and that makes for a great honeymoon. The nightlife is incredible, and it's easy to have a quickie wedding and honeymoon on a budget. Plus, there are tons of activities and trips/tours you and your guests can enjoy.


Italy is known for its legendary architecture and romantic churches. It also is a city of love where lots of weddings take place. The churches of Verona, where Romeo and Juliet took place, is a popular spot for ceremonies where couples hope to have a love as passionate and intense as that of the young Shakespeare couple. From the lights of the city to gondola rides down the canals, love is in the air, and thus couples adore this destination for their weddings and honeymoons.


One of the most romantic cities in the world, Paris, France, is an amazing destination wedding location. There is so much history that a bride and groom might choose to be married just about anywhere, and there's a story behind it that the couple can share with others and cherish forever. Paris is a nice place to visit, and since European travel is made so simple to access, the couple and guests can choose to take their vacation from one country to another easily, thus expanding their getaway.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas, Nevada, is the ultimate destination for a quickie wedding or a crazy getaway wedding. There are tons of places to stay, activities for people of all ages and choices for weddings from the last minute drive-thru to the well-planned five-star hotel Cinderella bash. Guests will love this choice, as they can stay anywhere they'd like and take part in the numerous activities and adventures Vegas has to offer.

Puerto Vallarta

Another popular Mexico destination, Puerto Vallarta is more upscale than Cancun and more accommodating to couples of all ages. There are lots of upscale resorts and private residences you can rent right on the beach. Puerto Vallarta is beautiful in a whole different way than anywhere else in Mexico. There is less tourism and more local culture that you can enjoy, plus there's usually a nice wind that sweeps through the land, creating the absolute perfect temperature all the time.


The Bahamas are a set of islands where you can let loose and enjoy a relaxing or party-filled getaway. With resorts and private accommodations, there are lots of options where everyone can stay. Most weddings take place on the beach; however, there are other locations for those who seek something different. It's a bit pricier than the beaches of Mexico, but the experience of a new distant location with unique sites and an incredible view is well worth it.


Orlando, Florida, is the epicenter of amusement in the United States. For Disney fans seeking a princess wedding, they can find it at Disney World. Then they and guests can enjoy a vacation touring everything from Kennedy Space Center to park- hopping at Disney, Universal and the other amusement parks. Or take the Disney cruise, where you cruise around to the private Disney island and then enjoy passes to all the parks for a couple days.


Jamaica has it all: beaches, rainforest, mountains and caves. Plus, it is filled with tons of old and new Caribbean culture. From tours, laying out on the beach and golf games to indulging in spa treatments at one of the many resorts or just relaxing in a private cabana, Jamaica has something for everyone. It's a popular destination wedding location because the resorts host the ceremonies and receptions themselves and offer all-inclusive packages making the planning process simple and affordable for couples.

Turks and Caicos

Turks and Caicos is tiny set of islands east of Cuba owned by the United Kingdom. Turks and Caicos relies entirely on tourism as the country doesn't export any products. Thus, they have excellent service and stellar resorts where workers wait on you like your a king or queen. The water is always a perfect 80 degrees and is more crystal clear than anywhere else in the world. All of the resorts offer wedding packages, and you can enjoy a great honeymoon or vacation filled with tons of activities and excitement in this tropical paradise.