10 Signs You Are Over Your Ex

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By now, all of your friends know that you and your partner are no longer an item. The post-breakup blues have had ups and downs, so how do you know that you are finally over your ex? See if any of these signs apply to you.

Turning Up the Radio

You can listen to music without thinking of him. Finally, not every single song on the radio applies specifically to your relationship. Bonus: You can listen to sad country songs or even “your” song without crying.

Going Out with Friends

You can talk to your friends without bringing her up. In fact, you might even learn what’s been going on in your friends’ lives now that you’re done monopolizing the conversation with your woes, according to Cosmopolitan Magazine.

Doing Some Spring Cleaning

You’ve gotten rid of all of his stuff -- really, all of it. Even the old emails and saved chats. And you don’t miss it at all.

Checking out the Hotties

You have started to notice all of the other interesting people around you, and you have a crush on a new girl. If you’ve started to consider the possibility of dating other people, you’ve turned a corner.

Focusing on the Future

Your focus is less on the past, more on the future. Making a conscious effort to stop dwelling on the past and start looking toward a brighter future is key to moving on after a rough breakup, writes family therapist Vikki Stark in Psychology Today.

Making Peace with the Past

You might not have gotten closure from your ex, but you’ve given yourself closure by saying goodbye to the relationship once and for all. Stark notes that the other person is not likely to provide closure to you after ending a relationship, and “you have to know when to cut your losses,” she writes.

Checking Your Attitude

You realize it is her loss, not yours. And you start to remember how annoyed you were by her little quirks. If you’ve seen her again since the breakup, you realized that she wasn’t really that great after all.

Dressing Like Yourself

You are no longer living in sweatpants, but at the same time you don’t go into paroxysms of anxiety at the thought that he might see you in the wrong outfit. If you’re no longer fazed at the thought of running into him without makeup on, you’re over him.

Grounding in Reality

You’ve stopped having fantasies about rescuing her from a life-threatening accident or running into her at your five-year reunion and rekindling the relationship. Focusing on your real life instead of your fantasy life with your ex is a good sign of moving on.

Dating Someone New

Finally, the best sign of having moved on: you are dating again. This symbolizes your commitment to putting the old relationship behind you and moving on to find a new one with a little bit more wisdom.