10 No-Stress Dating Ideas

Worrying about how to make a good impression or avoid uncomfortable silences can put a lot of pressure on you during a date. Luckily, choosing the right activity can alleviate some of that stress and make it easier to focus on simply having a good time with your date. Forget about the traditional dinner date and opt for a stress-free, fun-filled activity date instead.

Carnival or Theme Park Date

Invite your date to join you for some thrilling good times by visiting a carnival or theme park together. With plenty of rides and attractions to entertain you, you’re likely to spend more time having fun than stressing out. Sharing a little excitement can help the two of you do some bonding as you get to know each other better.

Go-Karting Date

Rev up some excitement by taking your date to a go-kart racetrack. See which one of you has the most need for speed as you compete for the fastest lap time. Go-karting with your date is a thrilling way to break the ice, and it should give you plenty to talk about afterwards.

Arcade or Entertainment Center Date

Challenge your date to a night of friendly competition by visiting an arcade or entertainment center. Whether you are racing virtual reality motorcycles, playing a friendly game of air hockey or bouncing around in an inflatable fun zone, arcades and entertainment centers offer action-packed amusement that keeps the dating stress at bay.

Community Class Date

Sign you and your date up for a special class. Most local colleges offer community classes that can teach you something new while also serving as a fantastic stress-free dating activity. Ask your date to join you for a cooking class, a pottery class, a painting class or something similar that you’ll both enjoy learning together.

Comedy Club Date

Share some laughs with your date at a comedy club. Not only will laughter lighten the mood of the date, but it will also help you both get a feel for each other’s sense of humor. The comedy show will give you and your date something amusing to focus on while allowing you to bond through laughter.

Dinner Theater Date

Invite your date to help you solve a murder mystery or simply sit back and enjoy the show during a dinner theater date. Dinner theater puts a modern spin on a traditional dinner date by letting you watch and sometimes even participate in a live show while you eat. The ongoing action of dinner theater will keep you both entertained while enjoying a nice meal and each other’s company.

Live Sporting Event Date

If you and your date share a passion for a particular sport, attending a live game is an exciting way to spend some time together while enjoying a shared interest. If you feel an awkward silence coming on during the date, you can always shift the focus back to the game.

Sport Activity Date

Playing tennis or basketball together can help you get your date’s heart rate up in more ways than one. Choose an activity that you’ll both enjoy, and have fun with it. You’ll get to see each other literally break a sweat without any unnecessary stress.

Game Night Date

Being low on cash is no reason to miss out on a good dating opportunity. Break out the board games and ask your date to come over for game night. Focusing on the game leaves the door open for fun and laughter. Making it a group date by inviting other couples to join you two can make your game night date even more fun.

Bowling Date

Invite your date to knock over a few pins with you. A bowling match inspires some healthy competition. You can always return your attention to the game if things get awkward or make a friendly wager on the outcome to spice things up a bit.


The root cause of most dating stress typically comes from feeling pressured to maintain a steady stream of conversation in order to avoid any infamous awkward silences. The key is to plan an activity that will shift the focus away from each other and onto the task at hand. The more engaged you and your date are in a given activity, the more stress-free fun you are likely to have with one another.