10 Most Delectable Culinary Trips

by Brienne Walsh ; Updated September 12, 2017


Whether you want to go to Provence or India, here are 10 mouth-watering adventures that will satiate your cravings for a culinary adventure.

The Vineyards of Provence

Channel your inner Julia Child and book a trip with cookbook author Joanne Weir to study for a week at Blanche Fleur, an estate in the Chateauneuf-du-Pape wine-growing region in Provence. During the day, learn how to make bouillabaisse and roulade of herbed lamb -- and at night, lounge by the pool with a locally grown red wine and your favorite food book. Trips begin at $5,000 per person.

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The Markets of Thailand

On this cooking trip through Thailand with Trip Feast, you'll learn to cook pad thai as well as a street vendor in Chiang Mai. The itinerary will take you from the stalls of Bangkok and the floating markets of Damern Saduak to mussel farms on the beaches of Hua Hin. You'll never go back to ordinary, non-spicy Western food. Eight day trips start at $2,200 per person.

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The Greek Isles

With all the talk of how the Mediterranean Diet will help you live longer, there's never been a better time to learn how to cook Greek food. Book a private tour to the Cyclades Islands with the Austin Lehman Group. When you're not blinded by the gorgeous views of the ocean and the impossibly white rooftops dotting the Greek Isles, you'll learn to make delicious treats like tzatziki, a tangy cucumber dip, in private cooking classes. Trips start at $5,698 per person.

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Spices of the Caribbean

If cooking while standing barefoot in the sand sounds like your kind of thing, then book a week-long trip with Caribbean Culinary Tours. It will take you to a villa in Jamaica where you'll learn to make jerk chicken and rum -- and be treated to massages while you're digesting your meals. Prices start at about $3,000 a person.

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New Nordic Cooking

Take a culinary tour of Iceland with Jody Eddy, a world-famous food writer and expert on Nordic Cuisine, where you'll learn how to smoke your own fish, among many other skills. When you're not having ice-cold cocktails underneath majestic waterfalls or eating lunch over a harbor while you watch fisherman come in with their catches, you'll learn about native Icelandic cuisine. Prices per person for a double room start at $4,250.

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The Secrets of India

Centered around the concept of "fire," which refers both to a method of cooking and the spices used in the food, the Agni Tour in Southern India will light up your taste buds. Organized by food expert Camellia Panjabi through the concierge service Our Personal Guest, the trip will take you to the spice markets, palaces and shrimp farms of Southern India. Prices start at $9,950 per person at the time of publication.

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The Wonders of Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu, the ancient Incan city, is one of the Seven Wonders of the World -- and it has one of the best local cuisines in South America. Learn how to make ceviche and wild-boar carapulcra -- a kind of stew -- while you hike to the majestic ruins. Ten-day trips run by Epitourean start at $3,690 per person.

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Treasures in Turkey

Once the seat of the ancient Roman empire, Turkey has one of the oldest -- and most celebrated -- cuisines in the world. Take a culinary tour fit for royalty with the Backpacker Concierge that includes visits to eco-friendly farms, cooking classes with old masters and street walking tours. Try the Anatolian cheeses, sumac juice and, of course, the local wines. Prices per person start at $1,700.

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Foodie Vietnam

In recent years, Vietnam has become a destination must for backpackers and luxury travelers alike, thanks in part to the incredible local cuisine. Take a foodie tour of the country with Artisans of Leisure that will include helping nuns in a pagoda in Hanoi prepare a vegetarian lunch, a stroll around the morning markets in Hoi An and a private cooking lesson with a chef in Ho Chi Minh City. Prices per person start at $6,810.

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Cook Tours in Tuscany

People dream of traveling all over the world -- but the ultimate place to take a culinary tour seems to be Tuscany, where the sun-kissed landscape is dotted with almost as many cooking schools as vineyards. The International Kitchen offers a number of tours in the heart of Chianti, including a four-night-long class in Tavarnelle, situated halfway between Siena and Florence. Prices for an off-season trip start at $2,150 per person.

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