10 Insanely Easy Hairstyles You Should Master

by Chandni Reddy ; Updated September 28, 2017

Some ladies make it look effortless, but for the rest of us, styling our locks can feel like a losing battle with the blow dryer -- whether that means struggling to coax curls into glam waves or attempting a fishtail braid and ending up with a frizzy mess! But don't despair, we've rounded up our favorite hair tutorials that are so easy anyone can pull them of.

1. Beach-Ready Braids

Nothing beats a day at the beach, but lets face it sun + sand + salty air = a tangled hair nightmare! These two braids are a super cute workaround, and they'll stand up to the heat and humidity all day long.

2. A Messy Ponytail, 3 Ways

What's the secret to achieving that perfectly messy Pinterest-worthy ponytail? Tease your pony to add drama and sass, without letting on that you tried too hard. Here are three ways to take a ponytail from ho-hum to hot in just minutes.

3. Loose Curls With a Flat Iron

Addicted to straightening? Maybe it's time for an intervention. We'll show you how to use your flat iron to create gorgeous, salon-quality curls and kick the stick-straight hair rut while you're at it. No hot rollers or curling iron required. You're welcome!

4. Half Crown Braid

A handful of bobby pins is all you need to create a romantic half crown braid that accentuates loose boho waves. Casually chic, this versatile hairdo will take you from post-work daiquiris with the girls to date night with the hubby.

5. Beach Waves With a Curling Iron

Tousled, natural, and sexy hair never goes out of style. Learn how to get the surfer girl beach waves you've been eyeing on Instagram, then post a selfie to inspire major hair envy.

6. Fishtail (or Herringbone) Braid

Every celebrity is rocking the trendy fishtail braid this season. Yes, it looks intricate, but once you've nailed this style at home, the result is so worth it. Plus, this braid can be worn so many different ways (including our next style)!

7. Fishtail Braided Bun

Start with a fishtail braid and then twist into a pretty bun that's bound to win you compliments at work. This one's perfect for those mornings when your hair simply won't cooperate. The best part? It will stay put all day!

8. A Gorgeous Special Occassion Hairstyle, 3 Ways

You don't need to blow big bucks at a salon to get camera-ready for wedding season. The Floral Twist Up, Double Crown Braid, and the Twist and Wrap Pony are surprisingly easy to create at home and will have people swooning at at any special occasion, whether it's a formal black tie affair or a casual beachside nuptial. (So go ahead, cheat on your stylist!)

9. Double Lace Braid

When it comes to braids, it's hard to pick a favorite but this adorable side braid is our go-to for a night out on the town -- or to disguise a bad hair day.

10. DIY Rhinestone Hair Comb

Add major "oomph" to your average half-up hairstyle with this twisted hair tutorial. Pair with our DIY rhinestone comb to create an elegant, blingy look that's perfect for a cocktail party or a wedding reception.

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