How to Write a Resume for a Human Resource Assistant

by Elvis Michael

Human resources assistants maintain employee records and assist other human resources professionals with their daily responsibilities. They perform a variety of administrative tasks, most of which require confidentiality for an organization’s employees. Human resources assistants must be detail oriented and have the ability to handle multiple responsibilities. Writing a resume should highlight all of these skills and abilities.

Add all of your contact information, including your name, address, phone number and email address at the beginning of your resume. Employers may use several methods to contact you.

Write a compelling career objective that shows your enthusiasm about the job. Highlight your skills that will make you successful in the role. These can include your ability to handle multiple priorities and keep information confidential as well personal attributes important to the role. Human resources record keeping must be accurate, because HR staff enters and tracks pertinent information about employees, such as salary, Social Security numbers and benefits. Human resources assistants speak to employees frequently on the phone and in person, requiring excellent interpersonal skills. Employers will seek someone with those qualities for the job.

List your education. If you have a degree, include that information. If you don't have a degree, add any training, coursework or credentials you obtained that will be helpful in a human resources role. Include organizations and associations you are affiliated with related to human resources. Many human resources professionals are members of their local chamber of commerce and the Society for Human Resources Management. Although affiliation with these organizations isn't mandatory, employers will see you as dedicated to this career.

List your skills in a brief, bulleted list. Human resources assistants use a variety of computer applications to do the job. List the ones you know. This can include computer applications used to track employee information, resume databases, software to create reports and documents, and email applications.

List your professional experience, starting with your most recent job, with previous jobs following in descending order. Summarize your responsibilities in bulleted, brief sentences. Add one or two bullet points to show how you added value for your previous employer. Human resources professionals are the face of an organization and dedicated to the employer and its employees. Employers will be impressed if you go beyond the responsibilities of the job and contribute more to the organization than required.


  • Keep the length of your resume to one page if you have minimal experience. If you have extensive experience in human resources, two pages may be necessary.


  • Ensure your spelling is accurate. Human resources professionals are detail oriented and must be accurate to maintain proper employee records. A typing error on your resume could make the employer decide not to ask you for an interview.


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