How to Write a Letter to Stop a Divorce

by Kimberly Turtenwald

Sometimes when you start the divorce process, it can be the wake-up call that your spouse needed to realize what he or she stands to lose. You may think that once you have begun the divorce process, there is no turning back. However, if at any point before the final hearing, you and your spouse decide to work things out, you can put a stop to the divorce proceedings. To stop your divorce, you need to write and submit a letter to the judge if it is a no-fault case. In the event of an at-fault divorce, you must also rescind all statements made.

Address the letter directly to the judge in charge of your case if you know who it is. If not, address it as "To whom it may concern."

Indicate clearly both parties' names and include your case number so the judge can easily identify who you are.

State that you and your spouse have come to an agreement and have decided not to move forward with the divorce. Ask the judge to cancel the process.

Sign your letter with your spouse in front of a notary public. A notary public can often be found for free at a local bank, library or post office. If these locations do not offer notary services, ask where to find one in your area.


  • You do not need to add a lot of details. A short, simple letter stating your request works well.


  • Only write the letter if you are sure you want to stop the divorce. If you need time to make a final decision, request an extension instead. Once you ask for the process to be stopped, you would need to start over if you change your mind.

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