How to Write a Job Description for a PE Coach

by William Henderson

The first step to finding the right PE coach for your school is writing a job description for the position. You should include information such as the required qualities, education and experience the right candidate should have. Keep in mind that your job description is as much a sales tool as it is a help wanted sign. You can use it to share information about your school, athletic program and enrolled students.


Primarily, PE coaches instruct students in physical education activities, teach individual and team sports, and share with students information about physical fitness and sometimes health. If other duties are required, you should clearly spell out what you expect your PE coach to do once hired. For example, PE coaches at UNO Charter School in Chicago must clearly set and enforce academic standards, develop and employ a standards-based curriculum and be able to tailor curriculum to students based on their specific abilities or needs.

Education and Experience

Your job description should include details about education requirements. For example, if a bachelor’s degree is required, but you prefer to hire someone who has a master’s degree, then that information should be noted. Specifying these minimum education requirements will keep unqualified applicants from applying. You should include information about the years of experience applicants should have as well. PE teachers at UNO Charter School in Chicago and Aspire Public Schools in Oakland, California, for example, must have at least one year of experience as a coach, teacher, intern or teacher's assistant.

Licenses and Certification

You should include a section about any licenses and/or certifications you want applicants to possess. They should at least be certified to teach in the state where your school is located. You may also want candidates to have certain teaching certifications, such as a National Board Teaching certificate.


Spell out the qualities and skills successful candidates should have. For example, let applicants know that they should be able to identify and solve problems, work well with others, learn and apply relevant school and district policies and procedures, and how to assess student performance and achievement. If you intend your PE teacher to also coach a school sports team, such as your baseball or tennis team, then you should let applicants know that they should be able to play and to teach others how to play that specific sport.

Salary and Benefits

You should include information about the salary, or salary range, the applicant can expect to earn if hired. For example, Olympic Heights High School in Boca Raton, Florida, lets applicants know that they will earn between $38,000 and $73,245 per year. You could also note that the salary will be based on the applicant’s experience. You can include information about benefits available to full- and part-time personnel, such as sick and vacation days, and if there is a pension program.

Application Process

Information about the application process should also be included in the position description. For example, to apply for a job at Olympic Heights High School, you must submit three references, a resume and college transcripts. You can also include in the job description information about hiring practices, such as being an equal opportunity employer, which encourages applications from people of color, women or individuals from diverse backgrounds. You should also include contact information for those handling hiring, such as the member of your human resources department or school administrator.

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