How to Write a Family Reunion Letter

by Wannikki Taylor

Whether it's once in a blue moon or an annual event, getting your entire extended family together in one place can be a true logistical feat. If you're part of the planning committee, you will need to mail a letter to all members inviting them to join you. The right invitation will give them the incentive and the information they need to mark their calendars for the big event.

Eye-Catching Intro

Grab their attention with an appropriate opening paragraph that gives them reasons to attend. Discuss a family memory or accomplishment. Perhaps you could say, "Remember eating Grandma's apple pie with all your favorite cousins? Come do it again at this year's reunion!" or "Kudos to our family graduates! See them before they head off to college."

All the Details

Your second paragraph should include the location, date, time, hotel accommodations, ticket pricing and planned activities of the event. Additionally, including a "please reply by" date will let you know who is attending, according to the Emily Post Institute article "Invitation Etiquette." Encourage them to call you with any questions or concerns. End your letter with a final concluding statement that will let your family look forward to enjoying themselves. Perhaps you could write, "Be prepared for a weekend of family, food and fun."

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