The Best Ways to Pass Time at a Boring Job

by Linda Kaban

Only lucky individuals haven't felt bored at one time or another at their jobs. But for some people it's a chronic occurrence. Being forced to sit at a desk with nothing to engage your talents or interest except watching the clock tick away seemingly interminable hours can lead to dissatisfaction and stress. Learning how to pass time at a boring job should be the next project you undertake for your morale and well-being.

Fresh Perspective

If the first thing you do when you get into work in the morning is sigh, you have to figure out a way to make what you do more interesting. Whether you've been at your current job for months or years, you can elevate the excitement level by trying to become the best. Even if the work is repetitive and what you do today is just an updated version of what you did yesterday, make it your mission to streamline the process or add an extra level of excellence. Nobody knows your job like you do, and you can make an impact that will fuel your next step, which is to ask for a meeting with your boss.

Take a Chance

Making an appointment with your boss to discuss your job need not be a frightening or ominous experience. Once you've proven that you've mastered your current workload and made yourself an expert at what you do, walk into your boss's office confident and prepared. Without in any way making reference to how bored you are, ask your boss for the chance to shadow co-workers who have more exciting positions, or ask for more responsibility. At the very least, you'll have caught your boss's eye in a positive way that might lead to advancement in the future.

Eagle Eye

Keep your eye on the current job opportunities within your organization. Don't assume that you have to make a natural progression from point A to point B. If the job a step up from yours becomes available, ask yourself if you're just going to be enduring a whole new version of boring. Look for openings in other departments instead. Challenge yourself by not only seeking out new opportunities but by researching the qualifications and what you need to do to make yourself an appealing candidate.


All your efforts to make the best of a boring situation may not pan out. Your company may be experiencing a hiring freeze, or your boss can't accommodate your enthusiastic request for more or new duties. That's when you have to spend your off hours thinking about, researching and pursuing the type of job that will let you use your education and talents in a more fulfilling way. You may have to take more courses or consider moving, but those options, weighed against spending your life in boredom, might be worth the effort.

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