Unique Ideas for Job Interviews

by Bob Kelly

Some of the most odd interview questions that interviewees should prepare for include "On a scale of one to ten, rate me as an interviewer," or "What’s your favorite song? Perform it for us now." Glassdoor.com compiled a list of the most awkward questions from employers, such as Google, Goldman Sachs and Kraft Foods among others. The questions indicate the evolving nature of interviewing, which no longer follows the traditional form of drafting questions beforehand. When interviewing candidates for a position in your business, use unique strategies to access them comprehensively and eventually recruit the best person.

Off-Site Interview

Interviewing a candidate outside office settings enables you to analyze his real personality in a relaxed environment in contrast to an office environment, which could make him uncomfortable. An off-site interview is also a unique idea if the vacant position entails regular meetings with clients. It allows you to see how he could perform in similar scenarios with your clients. A lunch interview, for instance, provides a great opportunity to analyze the applicant’s manners and social skills. It is an appropriate method in the event that you cannot find the time to interview your prospective employee during office hours.

Stress Interview

A stress interview is an efficient interviewing strategy if the vacant position requires working under pressure. It is suitable for weeding out job applicants who cannot do well under adverse conditions. It involves the introduction of stressful conditions in the session through tactics, such as pretending to fall asleep, asking one question repeatedly and disagreeing with the candidate’s answers. Some of the features of a stress interview include criticism, conflict, contradictions and aggressiveness on the part of the interviewer.

Open-Ended Questions

Forwarding open-ended questions to the candidate is a creative interviewing idea because you can obtain as much information as possible from him. Such questions are suitable in instances where the candidate has to provide examples and particular details in response to your questions. For example, you could question the interviewee about his motivation for applying for the vacant position in your business. Avoid anticipating the interviewee’s answers to your questions. Furthermore, do not ask him about his political affiliation, marital status, family or religion because such factors do not dictate his ability to perform his job.

Simulation Interview

A simulation interview is a creative technique that allows you to witness the interviewee’s skills in action. It helps you to ascertain whether he possesses the qualifications that he indicated in his resume. For example, you could role-play a shop attendant-client interaction with the candidate by acting as the client in need of service. Such a technique allows you to separate the best candidates from applicants who are simply overrating their capabilities in their resumes. You should make the simulation interview an impromptu one.

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