Trendy Gifts for Expecting Parents

by Erin Schreiner

Adding another leaf to that family tree is exciting -- especially for expectant parents, whose lives will change in the blink of an eye upon the arrival of a new baby. Show these proud parents-to-be that you are excited about this major life change by presenting a thoughtful gift. Select a trendy gift option to show your style and demonstrate just how hip you are.

Funny Baby Accessories

Give a chuckle with a gift that reflects your sense of humor. Buy a pacifier that is as decorative as it is effective in quieting an upset infant; select one that features comical red lips, funny looking teeth, a mustache or a playful phrase. To add some excitement to changing the new one’s oft-stained onesie, purchase a collection of cloths featuring phrases or images that you know the new parents will find funny, like one featuring the term “chick magnet” for a soon-to-arrive baby boy.

Trendy Teaching Toys

Many moms and dads, eager to produce a prodigy, start teaching their new little ones as soon as they make their debuts. If the parents in question are of this eager variety, try a trendy teaching toy. Purchase a collection of Baby Einstein CDs for the proud parents. Or, try an early reading system or a book about baby sign language that mom and dad can use to teach the little one to communicate even before she can speak.


The arrival of a new baby often leaves parents frazzled and with no time for anything, especially on the leisurely end of the spectrum. Provide the parents-to-be an easy way to make leisure activities fit into their newly hectic lives. Purchase a gift subscription to an online movie or TV show streaming system. With this gift, the recipients can skip the movie theater or forget catching their favorite shows when they air, allowing them to take breaks from tending to baby. For parents of the literary bend, buy a collection of current bestsellers, giving them some trendy lit to explore between the bottle-feedings and diaper changes.

Nursery Décor

A well-decorated nursery can help mom and dad feel like they have it a bit more together during those first crazy days of parenting. If the parents-to-be have settled on a name, purchase a piece of nursery art that features baby's name. If they haven’t, buy an original work or set of prints that reflects the theme they have selected for baby's slumber space.

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