How to Train for an Insurance Producer License

by Amanda Maddox

Insurance agents and producers are constantly learning. Your training does not end after you receive your license. With the ever-changing insurance world, it is important for you as a producer to stay up to date on current information. This gives you the tools necessary to most accurately work for your clients.

State Training

Each state has specific set of requirements for insurance producer training. For instance, in Alabama you must complete a prelicensing course. It consists of 20 hours of classroom training per line of authority, such as life, health, property and casualty. The courses are offered at various colleges and educational institutions across the state. Contact your local department of insurance for your state’s requirements. After completing the training, you must pass a written examination for each line as well.

Company Training

Each insurance company or agency has a training program. Depending on the company’s policies, this program generally outlines the specific lines available. Additionally, the training supplies you with the coverage limits available and discounts for potential clients, including multi-line and good driver discounts. Generally, the training is offered online and through books and printed information. Some companies, like Farmers, have a specified training program where producers visit a “university” in California created by the company for hands-on training.

Personal Training

There are several training courses available for you to take at your own expense. Theses courses not only provide information about the various types of insurance, but also teach you how to sell the products. According to the Insurance Journal website, learning to build relationships with clients helps you thrive as a producer. Some programs teach you how to build a sales plan, while others teach how to cross sell products, like home and auto. The training programs are available online and through professional organizations.

Continuing Education

Each state requires insurance producers to complete a specific number of continuing education hours. The Missouri Department of Insurance requires producers to complete continuing education every two years. Producers with health, life, property or casualty licenses must complete 16 hours. Title lines require 8 hours of continuing education units. Continuing education courses are generally available online or at local training facilities. Contact your state agency for specific requirements and locations.

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