Train Centerpiece Ideas for a Child's Birthday Party

by Wannikki Taylor

An aspiring conductor will likely select a train theme for his next birthday celebration. To satisfy your child's desire, incorporate trains into every aspect of his birthday party to coincide with the theme. Along with hanging a birthday banner across the wall, place train centerpieces on the tables as decorative items.


A train-themed cake centered in the middle of the party's food table will really attract young party guests' attention. To create your own train cake, simply bake a cake mix in six loaf pans. Use four of the loaf cakes for train cars and the other two cakes for the other parts. Frost each cake in a different color and place cookies on the sides of the loaf cakes for the train's wheels. Decorate each car body with candy pieces and use animal crackers for the train's passengers. You can also create a train-shaped cake with a train novelty cake pan and frost it.


Balloons are festive decorations and will serve as a fitting centerpiece when bunched together for a bouquet. Gather a few pre-filled Mylar balloons and bunch them together with several latex balloons. The Mylar balloons should feature popular train cartoon characters, such as "Thomas the Tank Engine" to coincide with the party's theme. Tie the balloon ribbons to a small weight to keep them from flying away. If you have exceptional artistic abilities, consider creating a few steam train balloon animals to use as centerpieces or hire a balloon artist to make them.


A moving toy train display centerpiece will wow the birthday child and his friends. Assemble a remote-control train set and place it in the center of a large, sturdy table. Use the remote control to move the train backward and forward. Have the party guests gather around to hear actual train sounds and follow the train around the track with their eyes. For non-moving centerpieces, set up a wooden block train set or line up plush toy trains in a row.


Since the birthday child is a train admirer, he is likely the owner of several train-themed children's books. Using a large suitcase will be a fitting way to display train books. Place an open suitcase against the wall on the party serving table. Line the top inside of the open suitcase with a few books. Place the other books on single book display stands in the bottom inside of the suitcase. For a different approach, slightly open the books and stand them up in a circle on the table.

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