Top Ten Work at Home Careers

by Shailynn Krow
If you work from home, your home office expenses may be tax deductible.

If you work from home, your home office expenses may be tax deductible.

Working from home has its advantages -- you can set your own schedule, save on transportation and enjoy more flexibility. Although there are numerous at-home work opportunities, thanks to the expanse of the Internet, there also are scams. Being aware of where you’re applying and whom you’re working for is important. Never take on a work-at-home job that requires you to pay upfront to work, and always research the company with the Better Business Bureau to make sure it is reputable.


Home-based physicians and radiologists can earn an average of $1,975 per week, according to "Forbes" magazine. You are hired by companies to review patient cases and provide a diagnosis without ever seeing the patient in person.

Web Search Evaluator

Search engines -- such as Google and Yahoo -- rely on an algorithm to determine what search engine results are created based on keywords you type into the search bar. These companies rely on Web search evaluators to test the accuracy of their algorithms by examining a variety of search terms and comparing them to the results they attract. Companies might require you to pass an examination and have experience with Internet search engines. Online marketing and analytical skills are preferred. If you are hired, you can make anywhere from $13.50 to $17.50 per hour.

Direct Sales

Rather than keeping staff in an office, companies hire sales representatives to work from home. As a direct salesperson, you typically earn 20 percent to 35 percent commission on the products you sell. Sales aren’t for everyone. You need to be self-motivated, personable and convincing. Direct sales jobs might require a small investment to get started -- this is standard and legitimate -- to pay for the merchandise you’re selling.

Culinary Consultant

You don’t have to be a culinary chef to work as an online culinary consultant, but you do have to know food. This work-from-home job averages $15 to $30 per hour, according to Kiplinger. You work at home from your computer and answer questions regarding how to save a ruined recipe, tips for cooking or wine pairings.

Medical Transcription

Transcription requires you to listen to a doctor’s dictation and type up the medical record. You can earn $20 or more per hour, but if you don’t have previous transcription experience or training, you might only earn $10 per hour to start.

Computer Software Engineer

As a computer software engineer, you develop, improve and configure software programs. You typically work for large software companies, but you can work for yourself and sell your products to companies. As an engineer, you can earn up to $85,000 per year, according to "Forbes."

Tech Support Agent

If you have an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in computer science, engineering or software development, you can work from home as a tech support agent. Agents typically earn $17 to $29 per hour helping customers to troubleshoot their computer and software issues. While you can freelance, typically this job means you work for major retailers and brands or third-party online customer service providers.


If you know and speak two languages frequently, you can work from home as a translator. Most companies require you to have a bachelor’s degree in one language and you must speak in-demand languages -- such as Chinese. If you’re hired to translate technical or scientific journals, you can earn up to $117,530 per year.

Financial Managers

You need a background and degree -- at least a bachelor’s -- in finance or another related area to work as a financial manager. You can work from home taking private clients whom you assist with investments, budgeting and even taxes. According to "Forbes," you can earn a median salary of $99,000, or $1,227 each week.

Travel Agent

Creating your own home-based travel agency allows you to be your own boss and work from home. You need previous experience in the travel business to get started, but according to you have the potential of earning over $100,000 each year.

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