Top Paying Careers in Business Tech

by KJ Henderson

There is virtually no aspect of the corporate world that is not operated using some form of computer software. As a result, business technology is a high growth and high paying field. In 2010, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Relations compiled a list of the highest earning business tech occupations.

Computer and Information Research Scientists

Computer and information research scientists are the highest paid business tech professionals in the country. While the median annual wage in this occupation was $100,660, the top earners made a salary north of $153,120. Computer and information research scientists invent new computer languages and create and improve algorithms used to generate business software and systems. Entry into this field does not come easy, as a Ph.D. in computer science is usually a prerequisite for employment.

Software Developers

The second highest paying business tech occupation is software developer. Earning a median yearly salary of $94,180, these professionals analyze the technological needs of a business, such as the need for a more comprehensive job applicant tracking system. They then create new software or update old programs to meet those needs. A bachelor’s degree in computer science, software engineers or mathematics is typically required to gain employment in this field.

Computer Systems Analysts

Computer systems analysts are the third highest paid business tech employees in the U.S. Unlike software developers who analyze business computer programs, computer systems analysts study business hardware, such as personal computers, laptops and handheld devices. They then configure these systems to ensure they operate efficiently. Possessing at least a bachelor’s degree in computer or information systems, computer systems analysts earn a yearly income of $77,740.

Information Security Analysts, Web Developers and Computer Network Architects

Information security analysts, web developers, and computer network architects are among the highest paid business tech professionals in the country, earning a yearly salary of $75,660. These individuals minimize the risk of computer system security breaches, build internal communications networks and construct websites. Although a bachelor’s degree is typically required, web developers in some environments need only a high school diploma.

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