Top Part-Time Home Businesses

by Rick Suttle

Many people look for ways to make money part-time, but working an extra job is not always convenient. You typically have to work the hours your employer schedules. A viable alternative is starting a part-time business you can work when you desire. Choose from a variety of top part-time businesses that are in high demand, so you can earn as much as you need.


Handyman is an easy part-time business to fit into your schedule. People always need ceiling fans and mini blinds installed, electrical switches replaced and drywall repaired, which creates an opportunity for you within five or 10 minutes of your home. Many homeowners don't have time to make repairs or lack the knowledge. Senior citizens may have visual or manual dexterity problems due to arthritis. Call handymen in your area or retailers that offer these services to get the going rate. Advertise on grocery store bulletin boards and in local shopper newspapers, according to "Entrepreneur." Distribute fliers in real estate offices or post online.


Food preparation and delivery always seem to be in high demand, providing a profitable part-time income source. Decide which types of food to offer. One of the easiest ways to start catering is by offering lunch meat, cheeses and raw vegetables to avoid the high start-up costs of purchasing dining and cooking supplies. Work on weekends when people tend to throw parties and purchase meals. You can also cater meals at office and holiday parties.

Virtual Assistant

A part-time business as a virtual assistant offers a myriad of potential customers. Virtual assistants offer services through computers and the Internet from remote locations, meaning your clients aren't limited to your neighborhood. Select from among a number of essential services: customer service, bookkeeping, travel arrangements and website copywriting. Do something in which you have expertise, so you can demand higher fees. Advertise your services on Craigslist and Facebook, and join a professional association related to the services you provide.

Personal Trainer

If you have experience lifting weights or working out on various pieces of equipment, become a part-time personal trainer. People are always trying to lose weight or gain muscle, so you are offering them a valuable service. Personal training can fit into anyone's part-time schedule, as you work with clients by appointment. Decide how many clients you can manage each week. Drop fliers off at health spas and running, biking or swimming clubs.

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