What Are the Top Five for Work From Home on the Internet?

by Missi Maynard
Working from home via the Internet is a popular career trend.

Working from home via the Internet is a popular career trend.

Working from home via the Internet is a rising trend among workers as demand for virtual staff increases and more businesses realize the cost-saving benefit of eliminating their brick-and-mortar offices. By utilizing your existing skill set and creating a space for work in your home, you can earn as much if not more money than you would at a traditional work environment. The key is being flexible and adopting a strong work ethic. Working from home offers many distractions, and sticking to a schedule will help keep you focused.

Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants offer their unique skill set to one or more businesses or clients. Businesses may hire virtual assistants on a temporary or long-term basis, based on their needs, but eliminate the cost of a full-time employee. All contact between the client and assistant is handled online through e-mail and Web portals. The cost for a virtual assistant can range from $15 to $100 per hour.

Medical Transcriptionist

Work-at-home medical transcriptionists must have the education and skill set required for this lucrative career, whether onsite or offsite. You have to listen to and type dictation from doctors, some of which may be very difficult to understand depending on the doctor's accent and diction. The audio files are delivered via the Internet, and starting home transcriptionists can expect to earn $10 per hour, while more experienced transcriptionists can earn $20 per hour.

Call Center Representative

When you see an advertisement with a telephone number, chances are that it is manned by virtual call center representatives, often working at home on a dedicated phone line to answer the calls. These representatives may also work as Live Chat operators on websites that offer such a service. These Internet call center representatives can assist customers in choosing products and placing orders. Many virtual call centers pay by the minute and only for those minutes that you are on the phone with a live call. On average, this pay rate can work out to be between $8 to $15 per hour.


Writers are able to use their skills online as websites and businesses hire content providers who in turn hire writers to generate unique content for their websites. This has become increasingly important as Google's search engine ranking algorithm scores websites with unique content highly and penalizes those sites that repurpose content. The pay rate varies with the skill and specialty of the writer, but can vary from $5 per article to more than $300 per article.

Web Workers

Workers who specialize in Web development, graphic design or any part the maintenance or setup of a website can find work at home to be an easy transition. As the work is done online with the use of a computer anyway, many at home Web workers may represent themselves, posting their skills and pricing via various websites, or they may work for one website as a virtual developer. These virtual workers can earn more than $1,000 per week, depending on the volume of projects they accept.

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