Top 10 Cool Jobs for Creative People

by Thomas Metcalf

If you are a creative person, nothing can be more stifling than having to sit in a cubicle from 9 to 5. Fortunately, there are many career options available to you that will give you the options to work where you want and the hours you want while exercising your creative genius.


If you had a favorite teacher growing up, it was probably because he was creative and made the class informative and fun. It takes a lot of creativity to hold school children's attention. You can earn a good salary – $51,380 average for an elementary school teacher and $52,230 for a high school teacher in 2010, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Fashion Designer

Fashion designers study trends, sketch designs and supervise as their creations take shape. The job requires an eye for color and imagination to fit the design together. Fashion designers earned $64,530 in 2010, according to the BLS.

Game Designer

Gamers spend three billion hours a week playing video games. If you are a gamer, what better way to earn a living than designing games. If you have the computer skills and the imagination, your games can take you wherever you want to go in cyberspace, while earning $58,510 as of 2010.

Event Planner

Event planners do just as the name implies. They schedule events, select locations, book speakers and entertainers, organize everything and then supervise the cleanup when the event is over. The job can be hectic and sometimes stressful, but if you enjoy being the person who can pull it all together, you can earn a good income – $ 45,260 in 2010.

Landscape Architect

Landscape architects design office parks, golf courses, recreational parks and family gardens. Not only must the grounds be attractive, they must also be functional and environmentally friendly. Pay is good, averaging $62,090 in 2010, and if you do not like offices, you get to do a lot of your work outdoors.

R&D Chef

Chefs are creative when they prepare and arrange servings, but the real creativity lies with R&D chefs, who are responsible for creating new meals for restaurants to serve. R&D chefs experiment, cooking and testing many meals before they find the right ingredients and proportions. Experimenting in the kitchen could earn you $40,630 a year.


If you are a writer, you start your job with a blank page and create your work as you fill it in. Writers compose everything – poetry, songs, books, magazine articles, short stories and movie scripts. Income averaged $55,420 in 2010, but the pay varies widely. Poets earn the least, while tech writers earn the most.


Architects design buildings with an eye toward functionality, safety and appearance. They may work independently or on a team, depending on the client or the project. Salaries are good – $72,550 in 2010. You will need a college degree in an accredited architectural course of study.

Interior Designer

Interior designers find employment everywhere – office buildings, airports, malls, hotels and private homes. Flooring, wall coverings, decorations, furniture, colors and textures are all considerations in creating attractive designs. A well-designed facility can boost productivity in an office, and a more relaxed environment anywhere. Interior designers with a college degree earned $46,280 in 2010.

Makeup Artists

The pay range for makeup artists is wide, depending on whether you are doing a makeover party for a girls' night out, working a wedding or applying makeup to movie stars. If you have a knack for design, you can change a person's appearance with your talent, and earn an average of $22,500 while you are doing it.

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