Toddler Winter Theme Songs

by Cara Batema

Brainstorm some “winter” tunes -- now count how many of those songs are holiday songs, and you might realize those songs you know are appropriate for only a couple months of the year. Since winter often lasts much longer, what do you do when singing about the holidays is no longer relevant? If your toddler looks at you with expectant eyes, waiting for you to come up with a genius song about winter, you can sing these or your own versions of these winter-themed songs for your toddler.


What would winter be without the chilly weather? Sing about the cold, how the days are shorter or the need to wear mittens and hats. For example, sing these lyrics to the tune of “The Farmer in the Dell”: Let's sing a winter song, Let's sing a winter song, The days are short, the nights are long. Let's sing a winter song. The winter wind is cold, The winter wind is cold, It freezes noses, ears, and toes. The winter wind is cold. Winter now is here, Winter now is here, Put on your coat, your hat, your gloves, Winter now is here.


Snow seems to be synonymous with winter, so it only makes sense to create a slew of tunes around snow. To the tune of “The Farmer in the Dell,” sing: The snow is falling down, the snow is falling down. Great big white flakes that do not make a sound. Sing a song about snowballs to the tune of “Are You Sleeping?” and add some action to the lyrics: Make a snowball, make a snowball. (Pretend you’re making a snowball) Throw it now, throw it now. (Pretend to throw your snowball) Make a snowball, make a snowball. (Pretend you’re making a snowball) Throw it now, throw it now. (Pretend to throw your snowball)

Action Songs

Most toddlers also love the “Hokey Pokey,” so turn that tune into the “Winter Pokey” by singing: You put your right mitten in, (put your right hand in) You take your right mitten out. (pull your right hand out) You put your right mitten in, (put your right hand in) And you shake it all about. (shake your right hand) You do the winter pokey, (pretend to shiver) And you turn yourself around. (turn around) That's what it's all about! (clap your hands to the rhythm) Continue with the verses: You put your left mitten in.... You put your right boot.... You put your left boot.... You put your long scarf in.... You put your warm cap in.... You put your snowsuit in....

Learning Songs

When you can pair a fun tune with a learning objective, your toddler will learn something while having a good time. For example, teach counting backwards in sequence with this chant: Snow fell last night and it fell so hard, when I looked out my window, it covered up my yard. I made 10 little snowballs and I put them in a line. One fell off the wall, and then there were 9. 9 little snowballs, I put them on the gate. 1 fell off and then there were 8. 8 little snowballs, I hit 1 up towards heaven. It came down splat! and then there were 7. 7 little snowballs, I hit 1 with a stick. It broke in little pieces and then there were 6. 6 little snowballs, all lined up side by side. My dog stole 1 and then there were 5. 5 little snowballs, I took them to the store. 1 fell off my sled, so then there were 4. 4 little snowballs, underneath a tree. I threw 1 at a monster, then there were 3. 3 little snowballs, I'll share them with you. You have 1 and I have 2. 2 little snowballs, left out in the sun. 1 melted away and then there was 1. 1 little snowball left all alone. I'll put it in my pocket and take it home.

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