Things to Do for a 50th Wedding Anniversary

by Cate Girone

Spending 50 years together is an achievement that every married couple should celebrate. There are many options for things you can do on your 50th anniversary, and you can choose to celebrate with family and friends or alone with your spouse. No matter what you decide, the special day should hold meaning for you and your partner.

Renew Vows

Traditionally, gold is associated with the 50th wedding anniversary. You and your loved one can commemorate this special day with gifts of gold: specifically, you can renew your marriage vows and exchange new gold wedding bands to symbolize the permanence of your bond. Wedding bands are a good gift for a 50th wedding anniversary since it is an important milestone that deserves to be remembered with a special token of love.

Remember the Past

After being together for 50 years, you may need to rekindle the flame in your romance. Bring back memories of when you were first dating by making a slide show of your relationship, including pictures from when you first started dating until the present day, including important events and milestones from your relationship. Spend a romantic day reliving your many years together, and top it off with a special dinner for two so you can daydream about the next 50 years together.

Do Something New

Even a couple that has been married for 50 years must have some things they still haven't gotten a chance to do together. Either before or on your anniversary, sit down with your spouse and discuss some plans you have always wanted to do. Whether it's going on a vacation or trying out a new hobby together, trying something new can remind you that you can still have fun and be adventurous in your comfortable relationship.

Celebrate With Family

A 50th anniversary should be celebrated by everyone in your family. Chances are, you have children, grandchildren, or other relatives that are also amazed by your dedication to each other and feel that it deserves to be commemorated. Having a party for family members and other loved ones gives others a chance to express congratulations and best wishes for the next steps in your relationship.

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