Teen Haircuts & Styles for Guys

by Melinda Kedro

If your teenage boy expresses interest in trying out a new hairstyle, be prepared with helpful style knowledge and tips to guide him in the right direction. Current hairstyle trends for guys in 2013 incorporate texture with length on top, keeping the sides short-cropped, presenting a clean-cut yet provocative look.

What's Hot for 2013

According to an article in "GQ" magazine, the hottest new hairstyles for guys include a variety of definitive yet alternative approaches. Most of the popular hairstyles for 2013 exhibit hair cut short on the sides and longer on top. The Varsity Side Part is a more preppy, clean-cut look that keeps hair longer on top. The Textured Top Crop is a look for boys wanting to express their creativity with short sides and a choppy faux-hawk on top. The Wavy Blow Back accentuates hair length on top with short sides. Check out GQ's 19 New Hairstyles for 2013 webpage for pictures of these and other styles.

Bye-bye Bangs

Observing the trends of teenage celebrities such as Justin Bieber and Zac Efron shows that bangs are on their way out for guys, with top-heavy styles being the preferred look. Keeping the hair short on the sides and longer on top is the current trend. Suggest your teen try tousled layers if he wants to keep his hair longer. This style will keep the hair out of his face but allow for some longer length. Take a look at the Being Gorgeous webpage for images of this style along with other examples of top-heavy hairstyles for guys.

Styling Products for Guys

Some hairstyles might require your teen to use a styling product to achieve the look he's going for. Ask the stylist to show your teen specific ways to use products and how to manipulate his locks for the particular style he's chosen. Hairstyling products are designed for different purposes. Choose a light pomade for definition and medium hold. Use a thicker, heavier product such as styling paste or hair gel for a stronger hold. Hair mousse and styling creams are beneficial for creating volume and light to medium hold. Your teen might also require a hairdryer if he's chosen a style such as the Wavy Blow Back to obtain desired results.

Hairstyle Maintenance

When your teen is deciding on a hairstyle, ensure that he has the time and patience to maintain the style on his own. Some styles might take anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes to create. Ensure that your teen is realistic when choosing a new style and that his schedule allows for proper care. Specific trends to watch for in this regard are dreadlocks, long styles and hair color. Dreadlocks in particular can prove to be quite a challenge when it comes to maintenance. Ensure your teen knows what he's getting himself into before making the commitment to a new hairstyle.

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