Teen Club Rules for Parents

by Eliza Martinez

Many nightclubs host teen nights, giving older kids a place to dance, listen to music and spend time with friends. While many have strict rules in place to keep teens safe, others are lax about following them. If your teen wants to try out a club, clarify the rules and ensure that the club she chooses is age-appropriate. Consider checking the club beforehand to ensure that it's a good fit.

Age Limits

When your teen hits a club, ensure that age limits are being observed. That prevents older people from entering the club on teen night, which means that no alcohol is being sold. This keeps teens from using fake IDs to procure illegal cocktails or being approached by unsavory adults. Velocity, a company that hosts teen nights in several clubs across the United States, requires proof of age before a teen is allowed to enter. This means you can't go on a teen night and preview the scene, but you can visit the club and ask questions before letting your teen attend an event.

Outside Food and Drink

To reduce the risk of teens smuggling in drugs or alcohol, ensure that the club your teen wants to attend has rules regarding bringing in outside food or drinks. These clubs will search teens before they enter and any unauthorized items will be confiscated. Some clubs serve water, soda, pizza, candy and other snacks during teen night so kids can drink and refuel between dances.


Clubs that host teen nights often have police officers or security guards on scene to monitor behavior. While some clubs promote sexual behavior, underage drinking or other inappropriate activities, the club you let your teen go to should have adults putting a stop to such behavior. The Velocity club experience lets parents know that any harassment, intimidation or sexual advances result in removal from the club. This ensures that teens are safe while they have fun and gives parents peace of mind that their child will be protected while she's at a teen club.

Dress Code

You don't want your teen dressing in skimpy or provocative clothing nor do you want her exposed to other teens who are. A safe club for teens should have a dress code that prevents kids from leaving the house in one outfit and changing into something unapproved once they get to the club. Velocity requires teens to keep their tops on at all times and doesn't allow any type of hats, bandanas or other head wear that could be associated with gangs. Check that the teen club requires kids to keep all of their private body parts covered at all times.

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