Team Building Exercises in Training & Development

by Stephanie Fagnani
The ability to effectively listen to each other's ideas can be a boon to a work team.

The ability to effectively listen to each other's ideas can be a boon to a work team.

Cohesive and highly productive work teams generally know how to communicate effectively with one another and are also unified in their ultimate team objective. They are skilled collaborators who assess each individual's contribution and come to a united decision on how to tackle a workplace challenge. Team building training activities can help these teams perform at an optimal level.

Getting to Know One Another

Both new employees and those that have been with a company for awhile stand to gain by participating in training and development programs that seek to make work teams more familiar with one another's style when it comes to communication and their abilities to solve problems and even adapt to change, among other workplace challenges. Creating a training program that simulates a scavenger hunt will force team members to merge their approaches to a challenging problem in order to complete the task at hand.

Improving Communication

Delivering and receiving messages accurately is a key component to the success of work teams, and certain development programs can help break down any barriers that may exist in the workplace. For example, Mind Tools recommends a back-to-back drawing activity that can help the members of a work team learn how to communicate more effectively with one another. In this training program, two members of the same work team sit on the floor with their backs touching. Each person is given a piece of paper and the challenge of instructing their partner on how to draw a particular shape without indicating which shape it is.

Closing the Deal

Corporate sales teams need to work together for the collective good of the organization. Sales teams can learn how to pitch a product or service, particularly ones that are new, by participating in training and development programs that focus on being prepared for a wide range of client concerns and questions. Sales teams can be split into two groups with one representing an organization's potential client base. According to FedMarket, a good goal to have when implementing a sales-based, role-playing training activity is to identify the customer's needs, concerns and whatever opportunity to make a sale might be present.

Working Collaboratively

Offering work teams a training program that shows them the benefits that come come from working collaboratively with others can help team members bond with one another. Team Building suggests a game called Pass the Clay as an exercise that can point out some advantages to working as a team. During the game, a work team must work together to form a specific object out of clay, with each individual getting an allotted amount of time each to improve upon the preceding member's creation.

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