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How to Teach in Summer Abroad Programs

by Johnny Kilhefner

If you find yourself overtaken by wanderlust, but can't afford to travel, you might find what you're looking for during a summer teaching abroad. If you're qualified, you can save money from travel expenses and have a job set up for you in a country of your choosing. Teaching abroad requires a broad sense of adventure, and a love of giving back to the world. If you're ready to travel to a new country and teach the locals, make sure you're open-minded and ready for adventure.

Earn a bachelor's degree in the field related to the one you want to teach.

Choose a program of interest from a summer abroad teaching program. In order to teach language abroad, you must become TEFL (teach English as a foreign language) and TESOL (teaching English for speakers of other languages) certified. You can enroll in a TEFL/TESOL certification program at an international location provided by the program or taking the course online.

Create a resume detailing your education qualifications and experience teaching. Some summer abroad teaching programs may ask for a personal statement about why you want to travel to teach. Explain how you will cope with transitioning to life in a foreign country.

Provide recommendation letters to the summer abroad program of your choice.

Apply for a teaching position at an organization such as Greenheart Travel, WorldTeach or Go Abroad.


  • Obtain travel insurance and an international cell phone and SIM card.

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