Superman Themed Birthday Parties and Children's Activities

by Zora Hughes

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's your Superman-obsessed child jumping off the furniture again. Get all of that "super" energy out and indulge your child's passion with a Superman-themed birthday party. Plan a party that includes plenty of Superman decor, activities and games that your child and his little superhero friends will love.


Send out invitations in the shape of the Superman logo. In the middle of the logo, put a picture of your child in a Superman costume instead of the "S." Include wording on the inside related to Superman. For example, you might write, "Help Superman Daniel save the world and celebrate his 5th birthday!" The invitation should include all the details of the party. Include a line encouraging parents to bring their kids to the party wearing their favorite superhero costumes.


Cover the party area with red and blue streamers. If you are having the party outdoors, hang the streamers between trees, if possible. Tie red and blue balloons together on your lamp post, on the legs of tables, or cover the ceiling with them if the party is indoors. Most party stores carry Superman-themed tablecloths and tableware, or you can simply use plain red and blue tableware. Go for Superman-themed snacks, such as cookies in the shape of Superman's logo, or, for a healthy snack, blueberry and raspberry yogurt parfaits. Of course, the cake should also be decorated with a Superman theme.


Create a "superhero training" obstacle course for the kids using items you have around your home. For example, set up sturdy cardboard boxes to crawl through, plastic hoops on the ground to hop into on one foot, a low table to crawl under, a wooden plank set on cement blocks, and a toddler slide that they must "fly" down face-first onto a soft mat. For older children, time them through the course and give a prize to the child with the fastest time. For another game, have a few adults or teen siblings dress up like classic Superman "bad guys" such as Lex Luthor and Bizarro. The kids must try to tag the bad guys and tie them up. At least three kids must tag a bad guy at the same time to "catch" him. The kids then get to tie him to a chair using crepe streamers.

Other Activities

Have the kids design their own superhero logos using the Superman diamond shape. Give the kids small poster board cut-outs of the diamond shape, markers, glitter and other craft supplies to get as creative as they would like with their logos. The kids can take their logos home and hang them in their rooms as decoration. For another activity, have the kids write down one super power they want to have on a piece of paper. Put all their papers in a small box and mix them up. The kids come up one at a time to pick a super power and try to act it out.

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