Summer Day Camps for Kids in Houston, TX

by Erica Loop

Day camps can help your child make friends, develop new skills and learn from positive role models, according to the American Camp Association. If you live in the Houston area and your little one isn't quite ready for an overnight adventure, a variety of day camps are available in this Texas city that focus on the arts, sports and having fun.

Visual Arts Camp

If your mini-Monet is looking for a summer day program that will help her to learn about art, try new techniques and make her own masterpieces, send her to an art camp. The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston's Glassell Junior School offers one- and four-week summer day sessions for kids ages 4 through 18 years. Kids can take classes with preschool-friendly themes such as animals or super heroes and more process-based courses on painting or drawing techniques for tweens and teens in the museum's administrative building. Another artsy option in Houston is Art Mix's summer camps. This Texas creative space offers day camps for kids ages 3 through 13, with morning, lunch-time or a combo camp options. Children can learn about art from around the world and make their own crafty creations to take home.

Sports Camps

The YMCA of Greater Houston offers summer day sports camps for kids of all ages. The specific activities vary by site, but typically include soccer, football, baseball and volleyball. If your child is a tennis enthusiast, the University of Houston's Nike Tennis day camp is a five-day long program, with technique training for kids from ages 7 through 18. Another sports day camp, also at the University of Houston, is the Cougar Baseball Camp. Children ages 6 through 12, or 13 to 18, can learn baseball and hitting techniques during the summer in two- or four-day programs.

Performing Arts Camps

Your young dancer, mini musician and dramatic child can get creative at one of Houston's performing arts day camps. Dance Houston's No Limits Dance Camp has separate sessions for kids ages 4 through 7 years and older children who are 7 through 17 years. Campers will take classes on creative movement, hip hop, jazz, contemporary and Latin styles from professional dancers and choreographers. The Christian Youth Theater in Houston features a summer camp for children during the day that includes Broadway style musical theater classes, voice and drama. Children who are musically inclined might learn a thing or to at Houston Piano Company's summer music program. These one-week-long day camps run during June and July.


Science-themed day camps provide an inspired way for kids to have fun and beat the summer heat. Houston's Mad Science camps have hands-on explorations, outdoor games and class-type activities. The specific themes vary by year, but do include separate groups for preschoolers and school aged kids. The Houston Museum of Natural Science provides kids ages 6 through 12 with an array of science-themed one-week day programs. Age groupings include separate camps for children 6 to 7, 8 and 9, and 10 through 12.

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