How to Succeed in Different Job Interview Situations

by Gina Scott
A company may give group interviews as part of their screening process.

A company may give group interviews as part of their screening process.

Each company has a different process for interviewing potential job applicants. Be prepared to face a variety of arrangements in order to have a successful interaction with a future employer. To get ready for any interview, thoroughly research the organization and formulate answers to standard questions typically asked in interviews, such as, "Where do you see yourself in five years?" Also, be prepared to answer industry-specific questions.

Ask for more information about the interview. When you set your appointment to come in for the interview, ask the scheduler if there is anything special you should do in preparation. Most interviews are arranged on an individual basis, but this is not always the case. Asking this question may reveal more about the set-up ahead of time, which gives you a chance to prepare.

Practice your skills for interacting with others in preparation for group interviews. When an interview includes other applicants, rehearse ahead of time with questions that could be facilitated in a group setting, such as case studies or real-life situations. Without knowing what questions you will face, be prepared to respond with answers that play off another applicant's response.

Balance addressing more than one person at a time for panel interviews. In a panel interview, two or more company representatives question you at the same time. Practice making eye contact with more than one person when you answer questions in this setting. Interviewers may interact with each other and formulate questions together on the spot.

Work on connecting with your interviewer in a one-on-one interview. Individual interviews are more intimate and therefore require you to make a connection with the interviewer in order to be successful. Look for common ground with the representative, such as a similar interest in a sports team or shared hobby. These connections are important in addition to appropriately answering the formal questions.


  • Job interviews can also be conducted over lunch, so be prepared to eat and talk at the same time.


  • Even if you're told what the interview will be like beforehand, be prepared for last-minute changes to the company's interview set-up.

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