How to Store Raw Almonds & Cashews

by Eric Mohrman

Raw almonds and cashews are nutritional powerhouses that make great snacks and fill out recipes with their earthy flavors and crunchy textures. Their high oil content makes them susceptible to turning rancid, though. While almonds and cashews are still safe to eat if slightly rancid, their flavors become sharp and generally unpleasant. Proper storage ensures the raw nuts stay tasty for at least several months and up to two years.

Store Them Right

Choose almonds in the shell for best quality maintenance during storage; cashews are only sold shelled because their shells contain a toxic compound. Raw almonds and cashews sold in airtight packaging can remain in it until opened. Once opened, or if you buy them loose, put the nuts in a clean, dry, tightly sealed plastic or glass container. This protects them from moisture and from absorbing odors, which shelled nuts readily do. Almonds and cashews maintain freshness at room temperature for up to two or three months if kept in a cool, dry place and out of direct sunlight. They do better in the refrigerator, lasting about six months. For long-term storage of one to two years, keep them in the freezer in an airtight freezer-grade plastic bag or container.

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