Get Organized in Style

by Laurie Fox

So you’ve decided to tackle those piles of photographs, books and other home clutter by using a smart storage system. Your options are endless: bins, shelves, notebooks, scrapbooks and labels. But how do you make these often-utilitarian solutions gel with the rest of your home’s décor? Those helpful plastic and metal containers can take up a lot of space. Plus, just because you’ve cordoned off your debris doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve improved your home environment. “You have to strive to fit in organization so that it doesn’t scream ‘organization,’ ” said professional organizer Justin Klosky. “It’s about improving the overall aesthetic of your home. It’s a lifestyle and mindset.”

Taking Stock

Taming the clutter comes first.

Thinking Outside the Box

Some ottomans offer hidden storage.

Keeping It Going

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