How to Stop My Teen From Being Annoying

by Kathryn Hatter

It can be difficult if a teenager has habits or behaviors that get on your nerves. Perhaps these behaviors are unintentionally annoying or perhaps the teen has a hidden motive to get under your skin. When you experience annoying teen behavior, approach the situation in a way that will take the profit out of the annoyance. If being annoying doesn’t benefit your teen, he may tire of it.

Ignore the annoying behavior, if possible. As long as the behavior is merely annoying and comparatively unimportant -- does not involve safety or in-your-face disrespect -- ignore it, advises James Lehman, MSW, with the Empowering Parents website. By ignoring behavior, you take away its focus and power, and make it likely that your child will stop because it fails to achieve attention or energy from you.

Focus on something positive with your teenager instead of dwelling on the annoying behavior or habit. By choosing to accentuate the positive and praise it, you send your child an important message about your expectations, counsels Kenneth Ginsburg, M.D., with the Psychology Today website. If your teen discerns that you give imbalanced attention to negative behavior, he may decide to get your attention with annoying behavior.

Redirect your teenager’s behavior with a calm suggestion. Approach the annoyance by assuming that your teenager may not realize he’s getting on your nerves. Perhaps he fails to realize that playing his music at ear-splitting decibels is bothersome or maybe he never considered that leaving dirty towels on the bathroom floor troubles you. By using a reasonable tone of voice and a respectful manner, you can teach your teenager effective conflict-resolution skills.

Thank your teenager when he makes an effort to avoid annoying you. When you notice the music volume go down regularly or the dirty towels make it into the laundry hamper, give him some positive feedback to motivate continued positive behavior.

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