How to Spot the Signs of Cheating

by braniac

Spouses miss the signs of cheating, because they don't know what to look for. Ask someone that's been cheated on and most will say they missed the signs. What are the signs? How do you know if a spouse is being unfaithful? After all, you've asked him 100 times, and 100 times he reassures you he's faithful. Read on to find out what to look for.

Weird Phone Activity

Look at the telephone bill. Weird, unknown numbers show up on the telephone bill. In fact, it seems as if he's always on the cell phone until you come into the room. When you ask him who he was talking to, it's always no one important, someone at work, etc. The calls seem to abruptly end as you get within listening distance.

Late Nights

Look at his schedule. His schedule changes suddenly and doesn't involve you: Late nights at the office, a business dinner, a get together with buddies. Although these don't mean he's cheating, especially if he's done this in the past, it is something to be concerned about.

If the car is off limits, dig deeper for answers.

Look in his vehicle. His vehicle is off limits to you. Often, cold hard evidence, can be found in a vehicle. Little notes, numbers, clothing articles, and other items are hidden in an automobile. If he has a problem with you looking in his vehicle or driving it, a bell should go off for you.

Consider his actions in the workplace. If you show up at work and it makes him angry or uncomfortable, consider this a red flag. Most men love for their wives to show up unexpectedly just to say hi, bring lunch, etc. If it has an adverse effect on him, especially if he's never had a problem in the past, it's something for you to be worried about.

If he's unavailable to you,who is he available to?

Look at his emotional state. Once emotional and passionate, he now detaches himself. Whatever you do is fine, as long as you don't bother him. He is no longer emotionally available to you, often leaving you to share your feelings with friends of family members.


  • Although none of these are 100% signs of cheating, put together, it's something for anyone in a relationship to be alarmed about.
  • Warning signals can be different for different people. Consider the changes.
  • Have solid proof before making accusations.

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