How to Be a Solar Panel Consultant

by Felicia Dye

The sun is a powerful and abundant energy source. As interest in solar technology grows, so have solar-related careers, and that trend's likely to continue. If you're attracted to the industry but not so much to the idea of building or installing solar panels, consider becoming a solar consultant.

A Career With Options

Start by realizing that solar consulting is a broad field. Positions are often sales and customer-service oriented, says Job Monkey. Many consultants' primary duties are raising awareness about a particular company's products and services. Their goal is converting interest into sales. Other consultants work with home builders, community developers, businesses and government agencies, helping them explore solar options and develop energy plans. Identifying a niche will help you develop a more efficient approach to achieve your career goals.

Adding Appeal With Education

Consider a degree in engineering and certifications for environmental management and green energy design and management. This can be especially beneficial if you want consulting positions involving large, complex projects. Some consulting jobs don't require secondary education, and employers may even offer training programs. Still, your educational background can make you a more attractive candidate. It can also help gain the confidence of potential clients if you start your own company.

Join the Crowd

Attend solar events, Green Marketing TV suggests. Interacting with people in the industry can help you identify trends in the labor market. You may get face-to-face time with potential employers, giving you the opportunity to make a lasting impression. Networking can also help you develop a list of contacts if you work independently. Even after you've started consulting, continue attending these events to stay abreast of solar trends, including new products and technologies, which could be an integral part of your career.

Know the Industry

Get acquainted with the companies in the solar industry and keep abreast of their developments. You may not have the scoop on every solar company, but you should definitely be aware of the products and services offered by any companies you represent or recommend. You should also be knowledgeable about the competition.

Valuable Connections

Find a mentor to help you get acquainted with the industry and how it works, Green Marketing TV also advises. Having someone to help steer your career and introduce you to industry players can help you avoid pitfalls and save valuable time. Even if you don't have a mentor, try to establish strong relationships as you build your career. Remember, word of mouth can be very effective in building business and boosting sales.

Passion and Perception

Be passionate about your career. Remember that solar energy is still fairly obscure for most people. As a consultant, you play a key role in molding people's perceptions. That can directly impact your results in the short term but also affect the outlook for the future of solar consulting.

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