Simple Toddler Crafts Using Cotton Balls

by Susan Revermann

Crafts for toddlers should be simple, yet still encourage hands-on exploration and creativity. Cotton balls are the perfect art medium for young kiddos, as they're economical, stimulating for little fingers and easy to clean up. These are so versatile that you can use them for holiday crafts or for afternoon art projects.


Cotton balls can bring a snowman to life. Staple three small paper plates in a row to create a snowman shape. Paint non-toxic white glue onto the plates or simply squeeze it directly onto the plate from the tube. Press cotton balls onto the glue for the snowman fluff, then glue two googly eyes to the top section of the snowman. Encourage your toddler to cut out a hat shape from black construction paper and a triangle out of orange paper for the carrot nose. The pieces may be lopsided or jagged, but the point is for her to try, not the ending result. Glue those pieces on and two brown pipe cleaners for the arms and you’re all set.


Hop into some fluffy fun with a bunny craft. Trace both of your child’s feet on some white construction paper and cut them out. Grab a regular sized paper plate and staple the feet cutouts on the top section to create the bunny’s floppy ears. Now your child can use white glue and cotton balls to add some fluff to her bunny. Glue pink yarn on in the shape of a bunny mouth. Glue three foam circles on for the eyes and nose.


Reuse that empty toilet paper roll for your child’s next cotton ball craft. Squeeze some white glue onto a paper plate. Allow your kiddo to roll the toilet paper roll in the glue to coat the outside of the tube. She can then stick cotton balls on the gooey part. Cut out a piece of black construction paper for the sheep’s head and your child can draw a face on it with a white crayon. Poke four 2-inch black pipe cleaner sections into the toilet paper roll to create the sheep’s legs.


Your toddler doesn’t need paintbrushes to make a colorful masterpiece. Squirt a quarter-size drop of a few different colors of non-toxic acrylic or tempera paint onto a paper plate. Hand your toddler a handful of cotton balls and tell her to use them to paint on a piece of art or craft paper. Once she is done making her kaleidoscope of colors, let the paint dry and hang the artwork proudly on the fridge.

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