What Are the Signs That Your Teenage Daughter Might Be Smoking Pot?

by K. Nola Mokeyane
Teen daughters might show depressive or anxious behaviors when they use marijuana.

Teen daughters might show depressive or anxious behaviors when they use marijuana.

Apart from the way the media glamorizes pot use, and that 18 states and the District of Columbia have authorized marijuana for medicinal purposes, you might forget that pot is an illegal substance, according to the ProCon.org website. Teens who repeatedly use marijuana deprive themselves of healthy brain development, and a chance to realize their full potential as they are growing up.

Behavioral Signs

If your teen daughter is smoking pot, she may start acting differently, according to David Rotenberg, executive director of adolescent and young adult services at Caron Treatment Centers in Caron, Pennsylvania. Several behavioral indicators of your daughter's marijuana use include a lack of motivation for things she once enjoyed, a decline in academic performance and disinterest in extracurricular activities and hobbies. While teens have a tendency to withdraw from the family in search of more independence and freedom, Rotenberg suggests that withdrawal from the family might also indicate that she is using pot. It is one thing for your daughter to spend most of her time away from the family locked inside her bedroom with a "Do Not Disturb" sign on the door. It is another, very different thing if she is discontinuing tennis or violin lessons, and you might want to see if everything is all right with her.

Physical Signs

If your daughter has been smoking pot, you might notice signs that suggest she is using pot. If you see bloodshot eyes, dilated pupils, lowered eyelids and slow, deliberate speech, she might be smoking weed. If you choose to address your daughter's weed habit with her, be sure to gather enough proof before you approach her. Write down the days that you suspect she might be smoking pot, and let her know that you care about her health and well being.

Emotional Signs

Your daughter may have a depressed mood, her affect may be flat, and this might give the impression that she might be disinterested with life. Or, she might seem paranoid at times. It is not uncommon for marijuana users to experience paranoia. If it is determined that your daughter is getting high, you may want to explain to her that when she chooses to remove pot from her life she will become motivated to do the things she once enjoyed, which will help her feel better and will help quell her depressive feelings and behaviors.

Social Signs

Your daughter may move in different social circles. If you notice that your daughter's best friend since fifth grade doesn't visit anymore and your daughter has begun to hang out with people you deem "untrustworthy characters," it may be time to learn more about these friends, and the types of activities they enjoy. Look for any signs of marijuana use in your daughter's friends, too to help your daughter get back on track.

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