How to Season Sauerkraut

by Maxine Wallace
Sauerkraut takes two to six weeks to completely ferment.

Sauerkraut takes two to six weeks to completely ferment.

The only ingredients required to make sauerkraut are cabbage and salt. However, with a few extra spices and seasonings, you can add a special touch to your sauerkraut that will make it stand out and be unique. Experiment with seasonings on small batches of sauerkraut until you find one that suits your tastes.

Sauerkraut Seasonings

The most popular seasoning in a classic sauerkraut is juniper berries; gather your own in the wild or source them from a local spice company or from an online retailer. Added at the start of fermentation, about 1 tablespoon per 5-gallon batch is sufficient to impart good flavor. Caraway seeds, celery seeds, dill seeds and garlic are also widely used as a seasoning in sauerkraut and are added sparingly at the start of fermentation. Though not technically seasonings, carrots, apples and cranberries can all be added to your pickling crock at the beginning of sauerkraut fermentation to create sauerkraut with a twist. When cooking store-bought sauerkraut, seasoning it can be as simple as cooking it with sausage or bacon for a meaty, mellowed flavor. Add onions and apples together when cooking packaged sauerkraut to season it, or simply add salt and pepper; simmer the sauerkraut to increase its tenderness and make its taste more mild.

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