Schools for Life Coaching

by Steve McDonnell

Developing high-potential employees is the primary reason coaches are hired to work with individuals, according to Harvard Business Review. A coach is part mentor and part psychologist, who spends between six months to a year helping people who have a desire to achieve their maximum personal and professional potential. There are many different in-person and online schools where you can learn to be a coach, but there are no industry regulations or standards. Technically, anyone can all themselves a life or personal coach and start coaching.

Coaches Training Institute

The Coaches Training Institute, or CTI, offers a six-month, in-person curriculum consisting of five workshops. Students can then take a six-month virtual certification program with hands-on training and supervised coaching. CTI also offers a sales and marketing course to help with the business aspects of coaching. As of 2013, the CTI program costed $5,225 for the 6-month program, $10,225 for the 12-month program and $11,420 for the 12-month program, plus marketing. CTI's curriculum is accredited by the International Coach Federation and is the only program of its kind to receive college credit recommendations from the American Council on Education.

Life Coach Training School

The Life Coach Training school consists of two, one-hour classes per week for six weeks, covering mastery of self-coaching, coaching questions, boundaries, feelings, goals and focus techniques. These 12 live classes include worksheet materials for each class and offer the opportunity to coach someone live -- receiving feedback from the teacher and your fellow students. The school offers classes about once a quarter and limits class size to 10 students. As of 2013, tuition was $3,000 and includes certification. Life Coach Training is not accredited by the International Coach Federation, or ICF.

Spencer Institute

Spencer Institute is the coaching division of the National Exercise and Sports Trainers Association. It offers a Life Strategies Coach certification course for only $797 as of 2013. The self-paced learning course consists of PowerPoint presentations, video lectures and a comprehensive manual. Students must pass a series of quizzes on relevant materials and a multiple-choice final exam to receive their certification. You receive all materials when you sign up and can take the exam whenever you're ready. Spencer is not accredited byt he International Coaching Federation but is accredited by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners

Erickson College

Erickson College in New York offers an ICF-accredited program called the Art & Science of Coaching. Erickson offers a 32-hour introductory class for $899. The full curriculum consists of about 128 hours and is priced at $4,596. Students can also choose the full curriculum, plus 28 hours of one-on-one coach training and mentored coaching sessions for $7,796. Erickson also offers a free introduction to coaching webinar that you can attend to help you decide if coaching is right for you and to learn about coaching training options.

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