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How to Say Goodbye to Your Cheating Boyfriend

by Clifton Watson

A cheating boyfriend is not an ideal mate. If you have discovered infidelity in your relationship, you may want to say goodbye. Breaking up is rarely pleasant. Even in situations where you clearly will be better off, breakups can be emotionally tumultuous and harrowing. There are a few things you can do to make the situation easier to handle and less stressful in the long run.

Go with your boyfriend to a public place or have him meet you somewhere public. He will be less likely to cause a scene in public, and you may feel more confident and secure. If you want privacy, a park can offer solitude with enough people nearby to passively mitigate the situation.

Tell your boyfriend why you are breaking up with him. An honest explanation of the situation will help him to understand why your relationship did not survive.

Make it clear that this is the end. Honesty helps here as well. After you are done breaking up with him, he should have little hope of rekindling the relationship. Avoid phrases like "maybe someday..." or "This is how I feel right now," as they may sound open-ended, leaving your ex-boyfriend to still consider your potential future together.

Stay calm as he responds to your breakup. He may get angry and try to agitate you. Don't counter any name-calling or accusations he throws at you. This breakup was your decision, and you are in control of the situation. Ride out his agitation and follow though with parting ways with your ex.

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