Salary Ranges for Human Services Workers

by Forest Time

Human services is a very broad field that encompasses several disciplines, including social services, community outreach and health care. Because the human services field is so broad, the expected salary for human services workers depends heavily on the type of job. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, most human services professionals earned below the national income average of $45,790 a year as of 2012.

Social Services Workers

Social workers are among the most common types of human services workers. The BLS reports that healthcare social workers earned an average of $51,460 per year as of 2012, while mental health and substance abuse social workers averaged $43,340 per year. Social workers specializing in school, child or family welfare earned an average of $45,300. Social and human service assistants, who often assist social workers, averaged $30,880 per year.


Counselors meet with individuals to help them overcome difficulties they encounter in their everyday lives. Rehabilitation counselors, who help individuals with mental illness or disabilities to live independently, earned an average salary of $37,330 per year in 2012. Substance abuse and behavioral disorder counselors reported an average salary of $40,920. Mental health counselors reported the highest average annual salary, at $43,290.

Psychiatric Workers

Several types of human services workers are employed in residential care. For example, psychiatric aides and technicians work in residential facilities for the mentally ill and those recovering from substance abuse. Psychiatric aides, sometimes called orderlies, earned an average of $26,680 per year in 2012. Psychiatric technicians, who sometimes participate in programs for the treatment of patients, earned an average of $33,140 per year.

Residential and Home Care

Several types of human services workers are employed in the care of people in residential settings such as group homes, and some also work in private residences. Personal care aides, who help residents and patients perform everyday tasks and keep up with basic hygiene, earned an average of $20,830 per year in 2012. Home health aides, who can provide basic medical treatment, earned an average of $21,830. Residential advisors, who oversee activities and facilities maintenance in group homes, earned an average of $26,470 per year.