Retired Police Security Jobs

by Shala Munroe

Police often retire after 20 years of service, still young and vibrant enough to enjoy a second career. Security offers a variety of job opportunities for those trained in law enforcement, allowing them to pursue sometimes lucrative and rewarding careers. Check with your tax adviser to ensure the pay from your new security position won't interfere with your police pension.


Corporate security encompasses a large portion of jobs available for retired police personnel. If you're handy with computers, look for a career in information security, which keeps corporate and government computer systems safe from hacking and allocates access rights to employees. Or, work as a security guard in a facility, monitoring video feeds, checking in visitors or providing background checks on potential employees. Transportation companies sometimes hire security for dangerous or expensive loads. Many corporations require their security guards to be trained in the use of force when necessary, sometimes carrying weapons.


Retailers lose money when customers steal products, and many use security cameras and scanners at the doors to help alleviate theft. They often hire security personnel to keep a close eye on suspicious customers from a video-monitoring station, or to walk the floors to provide a physical security presence that discourages shoplifters. The skills you honed on the police force serve you well in retail security, helping you spot likely criminals and exert just the right amount of force to stop a shoplifter as he leaves the store. This is often as simple as taking his arm and escorting him back inside, although you might need to chase him on foot and restrain him with handcuffs until police arrive.


Parents rely on school systems to keep their children safe from threats such as bombs and guns brought on campus by students or others, in addition to maintaining the peace. Many hire school resource officers, often retired police professionals, to help create and execute school security plans. In addition to handling major threats, a school resource officer helps control students who fight, watches for signs a student might be carrying a weapon, investigates truancy, and educates students on proper safety protocols.


Personal security means you work for a particular person to keep him safe. These are often high-profile people, such as celebrities or powerful business professionals, who have received threats or perceive threats around them. You might walk with your client in all exposed areas such as hallways or city sidewalks, or you could serve as a driver, using your high-speed driving skills earned during your years on the police force. You must have good judgment to understand when evacuation is better than fighting off a threat, and the knowledge to execute the proper procedures.

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