Restaurant GM Salary & Job Description

by M.T. Wroblewski

If you’ve ever complained about a meal or the service at a restaurant, you may have noticed that the person who rushes over to appease you is not the chef or the hostess – it’s the general manager. That’s because it’s the responsibility of the restaurant GM to ensure that the operation runs smoothly, and that includes everything from customer service to budgeting. If you’re considering a career as a restaurant GM, you may wish to review a typical job description. You’ll probably agree: a restaurant GM has one full plate indeed.

Set the proper tone and operating standard for the restaurant, a huge responsibility that spans everything from greeting customers warmly to choosing the “right” music and entertainment to encourage customers to become your “regulars.” Mitigate customer complaints promptly and with a friendly, accommodating manner.

Manage the restaurant’s inventory. Order food, beverages and supplies and maintain good relationships with vendors.

Hire, train and schedule the working hours of restaurant employees. Supervise their performance, ensuring that they make customers feel welcome and leave satisfied.

Comply with food and health safety regulations and fire and building codes. Remain up-to-date on changes on these important issues.

Maintain the restaurant’s budget. Keep accurate payroll records and review other important restaurant transactions, often in tandem with the restaurant accountant.

Monitor the preparation and presentation of food. Be ready to step in to assist the chef when the restaurant is particularly busy or understaffed.

Sample the median salary of restaurant general managers, which was about $48,000 in 2010, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Those who worked at full-service restaurants made slightly more -- or about $51,000 -- while those who worked in schools made less, or nearly $47,000.


  • As you might expect, many restaurant managers work long hours and sometimes seven days a week, according to the BLS.

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