Responsibilities of an Artist's Publicist

by Johnny Kilhefner
An artist's publicist ensures that the artist gets positive attention in the media.

An artist's publicist ensures that the artist gets positive attention in the media.

An artist publicist's responsibilities entail working for either an individual or firm and promoting the careers of artists. Artists can have many types of careers, from painters and designers to musicians and actors. Publicists usually need a bachelor's degree in fields such as public relations or arts management.

Press Liaison

The publicist acts as a liaison between the artist and journalists. The press liaison, who actually works with not just print but all news media, assumes several responsibilities. They include pitching potential stories to publications and digital platforms, and handling damage control when a negative story or other bad press come out.

Scheduling Interviews and Appearances

The publicist controls the public presence of the artist by scheduling his interviews when the artist is in his promotion phase, and by setting up appearances for the artist to talk about his album, exhibit or tour. Good publicists have working relationships with media decision-makers wherever the artist visits or performs. He stays on top of the important events in each town to find opportunities for his artist-client.

Reputation Management

The reputation of the artist is vital to the success of the publicist. If an artist's reputation drops, it is the responsibility of the publicist to figure out why and how to fix the situation. These requires the publicist be able to think critically and on their feet. They are the ones who fix the artist's mistakes, such as explaining an inflammatory statement and to make sure the artist is in good standing with the public. This kind of repair work depends on having those strong working relationships with media decision-makers.

Career Advice

The publicist spends so much time with artists that they sometimes have to guide the artist to make the right career choices. The publicist may advise the artist to take her talents to some venues or to avoid others. They also coach the artist to conduct herself in a manner that doesn't call the wrong kind of attention. Trusted publicists may be involved in many choices the artist makes, whether creatively, personally or financially.

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