How to Replace a Lost Marriage License

by Cleveland Van Cecil

A marriage license is an official document that is issued by a church or a state authority that proves a couple has united in marriage. This document is used for a variety of legal purposes, such as applying for tax breaks, cut-rate mortgages and for adoption purposes. There are several reasons for needing to replace a marriage license, such as losing the document and the document being destroyed or damaged. Marriage licenses are also important for reconstructing family trees and family records.


Find the vital statistics office for the area in which the marriage took place. Vital statistics offices can be found by visiting that local governments web page.

Type a letter including the date of the request with the full name of the wife and husband with the last name in capital letters. Make sure to include the date of the marriage, where the marriage took place and your relationship to those who were married. State the reason why you need the record and include all of your contact information.

Send the letter to your area's record borough and include a self-addressed stamped envelope so that the records can be sent back to you. Many records offices are swamped with requests so be patient with your request.

If you do not wish to write your local office, apply for a new certificate online. Certain websites can provide marriage records by simply filling out a form and paying a fee online. Simply select the state the marriage took place and fill out your information. Some states and areas are not available to online services. If this is the case, do the handwritten letter technique.