Recruitment Officer Duties

by Bob Kelly

An efficient recruitment process in the 21st century must be flawless and feature excellent communication to candidates and hiring managers, according to the Bernard Hodes Group, a recruitment company. The recruitment process however can be fraught with challenges such as communication problems, technological adaptation and convoluted requisition issues. Recruitment officers feature prominently in solving these issues and have various duties that make the recruitment process effective and efficient.

Developing Job Descriptions

Drafting job descriptions before posting job vacancies on the Internet is an important duty of a recruitment officer. You could perform this task with the assistance of the human resource manager who understands the roles needed within the organization. When writing a job description, include the skill requirements, job application procedures and the required level of experience. Other important details of the job description include the duties involved, the working conditions and hours involved.

Develop Job Adverts

Recruitment officers develop job ads before putting them out on different advertising platforms. You should word the recruitment advertisement in plain English so that potential job applicants develop an interest in the job and explore further about the opportunity. The job ads should contain important details such as benefits of the career opportunity, responsibilities, academic qualifications and the application procedure. To develop an effective job ad, understand the work culture of the organization and its recruitment policies.


Headhunting involves scouting the market for job candidates. To identify the right candidate, search your database for the person who possesses the qualities desired by your client. Network with other recruiters who may be knowledgeable about people who have the skills you Need. Some candidates may be employed and not interested in changing jobs, so do your headhunting discreetly.

Assists Selection Process

As a recruitment officer, you assist in the selection process by interviewing applicants, reviewing their testimonials and certificates, or forwarding their resumes to the relevant departments. It is important to follow up on a candidate's references. At the end of the interview process, create a short list of the best candidates and submit their names to the human resource department. Your role in the selection process entails notifying candidates of the outcome of the interviews and advising successful ones on issues such as career progression, pay rates and training.