How to Raise & Discipline a Christian Toddler

by Tiffany Raiford
You can raise and discipline your child while still maintaining your Christian beliefs.

You can raise and discipline your child while still maintaining your Christian beliefs.

Something that many spiritual and religious families fear is raising a child without God. Families of different religions choose to raise their children in a manner that focuses on their own beliefs, and Christian families are no different. When it comes to raising your toddler and disciplining your toddler with a Christian approach, it can be confusing to figure out which approaches to take and which ones to avoid. Raising your child in a Christian environment with Christian beliefs is simple once you take into consideration some very basic points.

Be a model Christian if you want to raise your child with Christian standards, advises the Christian Life Advisor website. Children learn by example and the best way to raise your toddler with the Christian lifestyle is to live it yourself. If you want your toddler to pray each night before bed and before each meal, you need to pray with her. She will never learn to do this if you do not set the example for her.

Say, “I love you,” to your child on a regular basis. According to the Christian Life Advisor website, this is a powerful statement that teaches your toddler not only that you love him but that speaking of his love for others is a trait he should have. Christians are loved by God and raising your toddler in a Christian household means loving one another openly and freely.

Get creative with discipline, advises Lisa Whelchel, author of the book, “Creative Correction” and writer for the Christian website, Focus on the Family. If your toddler is talking back, have her stick out her tongue and literally hold it with her hand for a few moments. Make a rule that your toddler gets one do-over when she’s misbehaving. When she’s misbehaving and you want her to stop, offer her a do-over, which requires her to get up, leave the room and re-enter the room with a better attitude.

Remove the audience when it comes to temper tantrums, advises Lisa Whelchel. If your toddler is having a fit or throwing a temper tantrum, handle it in a Christian-like manner by ignoring the negativity. Instead, walk out of the room and inform him you will return when he has calmed down or simply instruct him to take his tantrum outside and finish it in the yard. He will quickly realize there is no point in throwing a fit or a tantrum when there is no audience around to watch.

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